What laundry services do you provide?
Wash, dry and fold, dry cleaning, hand wash and ironing services
Where or At What Colleges is the Service Available?
You can check availability by clicking "Pricing" at the top of this page and entering your college name to see if service is currently available or not.
How do I pay for the service?
Services can be paid for online with any major credit or debit card. If you need to pay by check, allow the check to clear before we can begin providing the services.
How do I pay for additional services?
Every Dorm Mom client is required to have a credit card on file and additional services could be billed to this card and a receipt emailed to you to confirm the charges. You can turn off automatic billing to enable you review every bill before it is processed.
Can I pay part of the service fee now and pay the other later?
Payment is normally taken in full, but Dorm Mom will work with students to make service available in any way possible. Client will have to call customer service to inquire about payment options in their location.
How do you identify student laundry to ensure clothes are not mixed up?
Each laundry bag has a name tag and barcode for identification
How do students report incidents about the service or the driver?
Dorm Mom customer service is available during laundry pickup and delivery times of 6AM-10PM to answer any question or concerns the student may have.
What if I order the service and the student does not like it?
Students can cancel their service at any time and get a refund for the unused portion.
Is the dry cleaned items returned within 48 hours as well
Normally we deliver dry cleaning items with the laundry, but the dry cleaning items may take up to a week
Can I Select What Detergent and/or Bleach to Be Used
Sure, you can tell us what detergent or bleach you would like to be used on your cloths. When you sign up, you are able to select your favorite detergents to get the level of clean and perfumed smell you are accustomed to. If you do not make a selection, we would use the best product out there that gives the best clean
How Many Load of Laundry Would I Need
We would mail out to you upon sign-up Dorm Mom laundry bags that can hold up to 25 lbs of clothing - they are extra large bags. Each Dorm Mom bag would be considered a load
I have special clothes that need extra care
Print out and fill in the Special Care tag on what special care your item of clothing requires and place it on the item before placing in laundry bag. We would ensure adherence to your selection
How do I schedule a clean
Cleaning can be scheduled cleaning via “My Account” or call our customer service at 1-877-478-5332
How does the home / apartment cleaning work
Dorm Mom apartment cleaning service is a full service professional maid service offering standard and deep cleaning services. Our professional cleaning service is available to students living in the dorms, off-campus housing, fraternities, sororities and university apartments. Dorm Mom cleaning professionals pride themselves in consistently creating a clean, healthy living and study environment for students
What is your standard cleaning offering
The standard cleaning option is our normal regular cleaning service. Dorm Mom follows a 21-points cleaning checklist that ensures a thorough clean every time. This cleaning service option only applies to surfaces, so Dorm Mom will not clean the inside of cabinets or appliances such as refrigerator and microwave
What is your deep cleaning offering
The deep cleaning option is our premium cleaning option. Dorm Mom follows a 21-points cleaning checklist used for standard cleaning plus the inside of cabinets and appliances such as refrigerator and microwave
Do you provide cleaning supplies
Dorm Mom provides all cleaning supplies inclusive of, but not limited to cleaning gloves, sponges, brushes, cleaning agents, disinfectants, etc.
Do you provide cleaning material
Dorm Mom provides all the cleaning materials necessary to ensure the specified cleaning service is properly done. The cleaning equipment we provide includes, but not limited to vacuums, brooms, wringer, mop buckets, and maid carts
What do you do when you clean
Clean that is provided will be based on you selection. Please see our checklist of what we do when we clean your home or apartment
Is there a limitation to the size of space to be cleaned
No, there is no limitation on the size of the space to be cleaned. We do however limit each cleaning to a 3 hour period for one person, one bedroom apartment. If 3 hours is not enough, you may request additional cleaning times for an extra fee. Of course this time will be halved for a two person cleaning crew. Other sizes and time are assigned respectively
Do I have to be present during the cleaning
We recommend you are present during every clean but you do not have to be. We would need to gain access to your living space to do the cleaning
Who are your cleaners
Dorm Mom and it partners are a professional cleaning crew that strictly follow our 21 point cleaning checklist
What do I do if I miss my appointment
If you missed an appointment and you do not contact us to reschedule within a week of the cleaning, you would forfeit that clean and not be eligible for a refund. You can send an email to reschedule@dormmom.com to request a change in your cleaning appointment or call us at 1-877-478-5332
How do I reschedule my appointment
Simply email or call us and we would reschedule your cleaning. However, you would have to let us know 24 hours in advance or else there will a fee equal to 50% of the cleaning fee paid
How do I cancel my cleaning service
You can cancel your cleaning service at anytime and get a refund of the unused portion of the fees you paid for the service. If the service is cancel before it begins, we will assess a charge of 15% of the service fee paid to Dorm Mom. Refunds are made according to our Refund Policy. To cancel your service, send an email to support@dormmom.com, go to "My Account" on the website and click Cancel Service or call us our custom service at 1-877-478-5332
When will I receive my laundry bag
Laundry bags are shipped to your home address if you sign up for the service in advance. If you do not receive your laundry bag at your home address, it will be handed to you during the first pick up by the driver. Students can use whichever bag they have for the first pick up if they do not have a Dorm Mom laundry bag.
What do I need to do to renew my laundry service?
You do not have to do anything if you had the service for the fall semester. The service will automatically renew for the Spring semester at the same plan you had in the fall. There may be a little difference in price if the number of weeks in the new semester differs from the number of weeks in the previous semester. Auto renewals only happen for fall to spring semester. In a new academic year, you will have to sign up for the service again.
What are your guidelines around pick up and delivery during the Pandemic?
We follow the guidelines laid out by the CDC and the college where the service is provided. We expect to maintain social distancing and all pick up and delivery will be contactless. All of our drivers will wear a mask and disposable gloves when doing a pick up or delivering your laundry. Your clothing items are washed at the warmest appropriate water settings separate from any other customer's items. We will shrink wrap all items being delivered to you and prevent your laundry from being exposed to the elements. We will clean and disinfect all surfaces at our facilities regularly.
How does the Laundry Service work?
When you sign up for the service, you provide us days and times that work to have your laundry picked up. Using those times, we will confirm the exact time that works and you will be notified prior to us coming to pick up your laundry. On the scheduled day, make sure your laundry bag is ready with all the clothes you would like cleaned in it. You will meet our driver outside your residence hall or apartment to hand in your bag of laundry. We take the laundry back to our facility for processing. Within 24 to 48 hours later, based on an agreed schedule, we will return your clean clothes back to you neatly folded and crisp. You repeat this every week for the whole semester.
How much does the service cost?
The price of the service varies from college to college. Click on the pricing link above to view specific price information
How are the clothes picked up?
When you sign up for weekly services, we mail you a laundry bag that you use to put your clothes in every time we do a pickup. For the first time or for one time services, you can put your clothes in a trash bag or some other laundry bag for the pickup if your laundry bag does not arrive on time. We normally will not accept using any other bag besides the Dorm Mom laundry bag, but his is an exception. Use separate bags for laundry and dry cleaning.
How are the clothes delivered?
We wash, dry and fold your laundry unless otherwise instructed. Your clean items will be returned folded and shrink wrapped. If you want them put on a hanger, it could be done for an additional fees
How often do you pick-up laundry
We usually pick up laundry weekly but you could ask for more or less frequently depending on your needs.
What is the turn around time to get my laundry back?
It usually takes 24 - 48 hours to return your items. Dry Cleaning may take longer depending on the number of items and the material of the clothing
When does the service begin?
The laundry service will begin the second week of classes. If you sign up after the second week of classes, your service will begin right away but allow 3 days for scheduling your initial pickup after you place your order
Where will my laundry be picked-up?
Your laundry will be picked-up at your dorm or apartment complex. You are required to hand in your bag of laundry during pickup at the scheduled time. For colleges with large client base, we may provide a bin for drop off or pick up of laundry. Do not leave your laundry items unattended as Dorm Mom is not liable for laundry not handed to our representative or placed in a designated Dorm Mom bin where available.
What is the Laundry Pick-up Schedule?
We have pick-up schedules setup for each residence hall or apartment complex. When you sign up, you are required to provide your schedule and availability. Based on the information provided, we will coordinate a time that works for you and others in your building. Note that Dorm Mom will not schedule a pickup when you are in class or not able to physically hand in your bag of laundry. Our pickup times range anywhere from 6 AM to 10 PM so there is plenty of time to fit you into our schedule.
Can I Change My Pick-up Schedule?
Yes, give us at least a 24-hr notice prior to your scheduled pickup to change the time you would like your laundry picked-up. If you wanted to initiate a permanent change for the semester, you may need up to two (2) weeks notice for the new schedule to take effect. The two (2) week wait does not apply for your initial scheduling when you first sign up for the services.
Will I be notified before my laundry is picked-up?
Yes, we will notify you by text, phone, or email the day before and on the day of the pick-up. Failure to show up for a scheduled pickup may trigger a fee and we will not return that week for another pickup. Poundage for a missed week cannot be carried over to the next week. Please give us a 24-hr notice in advance of any scheduled pickup.
Who will be doing my Laundry?
Your laundry will be done by our professional laundry providers. Most of our providers have been in the business of doing laundry for over 25 years and you can be rest assured that your clothing items are in good hands. We will ensure your clothing items are handled with utmost care and returned to you excellent condition.
Where will my Laundry be done?
Your laundry will done at our laundry facility.
Will my laundry be separated?
Yes, we separate whites from darks before clothing are laundered
Do you have hand wash option?
Yes, we have hand wash option for delicate items. There is an additional charge to have items hand-washed.
Can I select what type of detergent I want?
Yes, you can select your detergent preferences during laundry purchases. There is an additional fees to name a preferred detergent
Do you provide hang to dry option?
Yes, hang to dry option is available for an added fee
Do you provide ironing?
Yes, we provide ironing for an additional fee
When do I get my Laundry returned?
Laundry will be returned within 48 hours from when they were picked up. Dry cleaning could take longer
Do you offer Dry Cleaning?
Yes, dry cleaning order is an add-on Pay-As-You-Go service when you order the wash and fold service. At some location, we do offer dry cleaning only service not required to be bundled with a wash and fold service.
How Do I cancel My Service?
You can cancel at anytime and get a refund of the unused portion of the fees you paid for the service. If the service is cancelled before it begins, we will assess a charge of 15% of the service fee paid to Dorm Mom. Refunds are made according to our <a href='/home/refund'>Refund Policy</a>. To cancel your service, send an email to support@dormmom.com, go to "My Account" on the website and click Cancel Service or call us our custom service at 1-877-478-5332
Can I use my own Laundry Bag?
Unfortunately, you cannot use your own laundry bags. Dorm Mom provides you with specially made laundry bags free of charge to ensure the bags receive special care and properly accounted for. Only the laundry bag you receive from Dorm Mom would be acceptable during pickup
How many free Laundry Bags do I receive?
Every new sign up for the laundry service receives one (1) free laundry bag. You can request additional bags for a fee.
What if I needed more bags after sign-up?
Simply come on the website, click "My Account" and add more bags. Allow a week to receive the additional bag. You can also call 1-800-Dorm Mom or send an email to support@dormmom.com to request any change to your laundry account.
What is the difference between deep cleaning and standard cleaning?
Deep cleaning includes a more detailed cleaning touching more areas of the home. Deep cleaning includes additional tasks such as washing of interior windows, shower tracks cleaned, dusting of blinds etc... For an additional cost you also have the option to have your bathroom and kitchen cabinets cleaned and inside of your fridge and oven cleaned.
Does the price for wash, dry and fold include dry cleaning and ironing
No. Dry Cleaning and ironing are billed separately from normal wash, dry and fold service
Does the price for the wash, dry and fold include blanket and comforters?
No. There is an additional fee for comforters and blankets. Comforters are usually $18 each to launder but this price may vary from place to place.
How do I pay for additional services?
Every Dorm Mom client is required to have a credit card on file and additional services could be billed to this card and a receipt emailed to you to confirm the charges. You can turn off automatic billing to enable you review every bill before it is processed. Services that could be an additional charge include comforters and blankets, ironing, dry cleaning, hand-wash, hung-to-dry, items put on hanger, button repair, no-show penalties and other service add-ons.
Are clothing dried on low to prevent shrinkage
We follow the care label on your clothing and dried based on the recommendation for the fabric to avoid shrinkage or damage to your clothing. You won't have to worry about shrinkage or colors running when we do your laundry. However, we do ask that you relay special care information to the driver or representative upon pick-up
How many weeks does the price for the semester service for students cover
For colleges on the semester system, it covers between 15-16 weeks of weekly services beginning the first week of classes through finals week.
Do you only provide services to students?
Dorm Mom provide laundry services to college students and other individuals, busy professionals, families, senior citizens, businesses, group homes, summer camps and to college and university departments and labs
Do non-students pay the same rate as students?
Students are billed for the semester while most non-students pay based on usage per pound. The price charged to students for the service is a flat rate for the whole semester
Where is the service available?
Service is available at most Colleges and Universities and the communities surrounding them. To find out how much it cost, click the Pricing link shown above.
Do I have to pay for the service before I start or can I pay later
Dorm Mom laundry service is a prepaid service. Students are required to sign up and pay for the services before we begin picking up their laundry. For non-students, we charge the delivery fees prior to the initial pick-up and then bill per pound when the laundry is done but before it is delivered back to the customer
How do I pay for the service
Services can be paid for online with any major credit or debit card. If you need to pay by check, allow the check to clear before we can begin providing the services
Can I pay part of the service fee now and pay the other later
Payment is normally taken in full, but Dorm Mom will work with clients to make service available in any way possible. Client will have to call customer service to inquire about payment options in their location
When does the service start for students
Service starts the first week of classes and done weekly through finals week
What is the best plan for students
The semester plan is especially recommended for students where laundry is picked up and done once a week for the entire semester. Most students opt for the Normal Load (15 lbs per week). You can change your plan depending on your usage
What poundage option should I select
It depends on how active he or she is. If they are not athletes we suggest the 15 lb plan. For athletes and very active students we suggest the 20 or 25 lbs plan
Who does my laundry
Your laundry is done by a professional who specializes in clothing care. Our providers have an average of 20 plus years of experience in the laundry business; so be rest assured your clothing items are in safe hands.
Can you do you do laundry in my home or in the dorm
We do not do laundry at a customer's home or in the dorm. Laundry picked up is done at our facilities
Where is the nearest laundry facility in my area
We have several facilities and the laundry will be taken to the closest one to you. Sorry we will not be able to provide the exact address where your laundry will be processed
Can I drop off or pick-up my own laundry
No. We will always have one of our drivers or representatives available to pick-up or deliver your laundry
Can I have more than one laundry pick-up a week
You are entitled to one pick up per week. Any additional pick ups will incurred an additional fee, which will be billed per pound. Prices per pound varies per location.
Can I have multiple people on one account
Yes. However, Dorm Mom encourages each individual to have their account
Can all the people on my account put their laundry in one bag
No. Dorm Mom requires every customer have their own bag. This is very important in determining who and what is turned in for service
How do I report missing items.
We do all we can to prevent misplacing any of your items. In the rare instance that we do, we asked that you report it immediately with as much detail as possible. This helps us locate the missing items.
What if my missing item(s) is not found
We normally find misplaced items. However, If we do not, we will work with you to replace. Dorm Mom will only paid a certain amount for missing items. More details can be found in our terms of service.
What happens if my item(s) gets damaged
In the rare instance that your clothes get damaged, we will find a replacement.
Can I get credited for holidays or weeks that I am not campus.
No. The laundry service is weekly and we do not provide refunds for unused weeks. We are available to pick up during holidays if you decide to remain on campus.
Can I get refunded or credited for missed pick-up
No. We do not provide refunds for missed pick ups. We expect you to hand in your laundry weekly. If you are not going to be available for pick up during a particular week and inform Dorm Mom, we will allow more pounds the following week.
Can I get just dry cleaning without the wash and fold service?
In some location, yes but at most colleges, dry cleaning comes bundled with the laundry service
Should I wear a mask when you collect my laundry?
We encourage you to wear a mask when you drop off or pick up your laundry items. We will always wear a mask when we pick up your laundry.
Do you wash my laundry with others?
No. Every client's laundry is washed separately and never combined with other's laundry.
How does using your service protect me from COVID-19?
The campus laundry room have social distancing guidelines which may be hard to adhere to. We take care of your laundry so you do not have to deal with it. We wash your clothes in high temperature water which kills the virus.
Will there be delays in turn around time due to the pandemic?
We do not anticipate any delays and the turn around time will continue to be between 24 and 48 hours
If I get sick, will you still pick up my laundry?
Yes, we have procedures in place to safely handle laundry from sick students and our process will disinfect your clothing items. We encourage you to let us know ahead of time via email, SMS and by phone call before your scheduled pickup so we take extra precaution.