Become An Agent.

Be Our Representative Tell Everyone About Us Setup Engaging Events Collect Leads On Campus
We Pay $15/hr for Events Earn Commission on Leads Earn Commission on Referrals Agents Get Free Laundry
$15 Per Hour
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Get Paid While Having Fun

You Get a Referral Code Collect Leads On Campus We Track Your Leads Get Notified of Sign Ups
We Pay $15/hr for Events Earn Commission on Leads Earn Commission on Referrals Agents Get Free Laundry
$20 per referral
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Give Everyone Your Code

We give you a discount code that you can share with everyone that is interested. The code links them to your referral fees.

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Bubbly Agents Needed

You won't have to do laundry. But you make it look good.

We need a highly personable and energetic student who is willing, capable and passionate about spreading the word about Dorm Mom on his/her campus while making very good money. Sounds like you or someone you know?

Who We Are Looking For.

These are the qualities we look for when selecting agents to represent us on their campus

Outgoing Personality

Are you very social and outgoing? Not afraid to talk to other students and their parents?

Highly Organized

Can you balance having a job and doing school work and still keep all your ducks in a row?

A Team Player

Do you work well with others and understand that it takes everyone to make an idea a success?

Passionate About Our Idea

You love the idea of Dorm Mom and passionate about telling others to check it out.

A Goal-Getter

Can you set goals, stick to them and work hard to accomplish what you set out to do?

Highly Involed On-Campus

Do you belong to campus organizations and know what is going on on-campus week to week?

What You Do

Spread The Word and Keep Track of Leads Using a Special Code.

Shhhh. It's a Secret

Besides the fact that this is great on your resume, you get to meet a lot of people and with your special code that gives referrals a discount, we make it easy for you to get sign ups so you can make your commission quickly..

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How Much You Get Paid

Every Agent that Puts in the Work gets $200 per semester. You also get $20 per referral. Use the calculator below to see how much you could really make


$15Per Hour


$20Per Referral

Base Pay

$200Per Semester
  • Free Laundry Weekly*
  • Commission Paid As Earned**
  • Base Pay at Semester End
  • All Payments are Direct Deposit

Projected Payout Calculator

$0.00Total Per Semester
+ Free Weekly Laundry Pick Up

Do I need to be a particular major to qualify?

No. All you need is a lot of energy, passion and desire to make money

Do you provide materials to help me market Dorm Mom?

Yes. We do provide all the materials you need to get a campaign started. You can be creative and design your campaign material in a way that will capture audience.

How often do you payout compensations?

We direct deposit your referral earnings within 2 days except for the base pay which comes towards the end of the semester after we've seen evidence of effort put in.

Will I be Picking Up Laundry or Cleaning Apartments?

No. All we need you to do is establish our brand on-campus, have more clients signed on and relax.

What if I talk to someone that signs up the next semester?

We will keep track of all your marketing contacts and you will get credit for them signing up within 3 semesters.