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What We Do

As part of our committment to service quality and customer satisfaction, we offer the following laundry services.

Wash, Dry & Foldno hassle service and your items are delivered neatly folded and crisp

Dry CleaningOffered as part of regular laundry or stand-alone service

Ironingno wrinkle way to help you look your best while cruising campus

Hand Washnot all items are machine washable. for your delicates, we handle them with care

Hang Drysome items shrink when tumble dried. for those, we hang them to dry for you

Free Pick Up and Deliverywe come to your residence hall or off campus apartment to pick up and deliver your laundry


A Plan for Everyone

Pick Your Plan - By the Pound.

Our laundry plans are by the pound to accomodate the needs of different customers. Available plans range from 10 pounds of laundry a week to 25 pounds per week. Depending on the type of clothing you wear and what activities you are involved in, you should pick a plan that fits your need.

You can change your laundry plan at anytime if you find out the plan you chose is too little or too much. Going over the selected plan attracts a per pound overage charge that is billed to the credit card on file.

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Items We Launder

Most day to day items, beddings and everything in between

We wash, dry and fold all your day-to-day clothing items like shirts, pants, skirts, jeans, shorts, t-shirts, hoodies, sweaters, sweatshirts, underwears, socks, towels, washcloth, sheets, pillow covers, blankets, comforters and anything else you have to be washed.

We handle items that are hand-wash only, dry clean only and hang-to-dry only. We read the care tag on your clothing item so you do not have to worry about what is what. Items are returned back to you neatly folded and shrink wrapped ready for you to take on the day. With this service, you will never worry about laundry day again while you are in school and can focus on what matters most - getting a 4.0 GPA ☺.

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We Sort Your Cloths

We Sort Your Whites, Lights, Colors, Darks & Delicates.

Gone are the days of walking around campus with a red smudge on your white T. This is professional laundry, delivered. You do not have to worry about separating your white clothing items (if all dry) from other colors that could potentially stain them. When you get your laundry together, just put it all in one big bag. We sort them at our facility before washing them separately to keep your clothing looking their best.

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Preferred Detergent

Scent Your Way - Fresh Rain or Citrus Burst

We all love the scent of fresh laundry but some of us are also sensitive to certain smells and may require scent free detergents. Are you looking for All-Free or hypoallergenic detergents? We got you covered.

We allow you to select a preferred detergent that will be used for all of your washes. If you do not make a selection, we will use our default detergent at no additional cost. Preferred detergents come at an additional cost to make the selection.

Preferred Detergent Pricing

The Laundry Bag

Every Order Gets a Free Laundry Bag

To help us track your laundry and to ensure everything runs smoothly, Dorm Mom requires clients to use a Barcoded Laundry Bag that we provide to you upon sign up free of charge. Additonal bags can also be ordered but most people should be ok with the free bag. You can optionally get a dry cleaning garment bag if you plan on doing some dry cleaning. The bag is usually mailed to you after you order the service or may be dropped off during your first pick up. If you do not get a bag by your first pick up, please use any bag or basket you may have until you receive a Dorm Mom bag.

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