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When you need someone to help out with your laundry, cleaning or other chores that you do not have time to do, we are the people to call.

Dorm Mom was established in response to the growing need for time among college students and busy professionals. It has become the leading provider of services to college students all over the United States and Canada.

A graduate of Michigan Technological University, the founder of Dorm Mom was a Resident Assistant (RA) in college and experienced the difficulties students face trying to concentrate on studying and at the same time thinking about chores.

Most students living in university residence halls or off-campus housing live in an unclean and unhealthy environment - dirty clothes strewn across dorm rooms, rooms that have not been vacuumed for weeks and sometimes months. This is the inspiration behind Dorm Mom.

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Why People Choose Us

We stand behind our services and guarantee your satisfaction.

Dorm Mom provides weekly laundry and cleaning services to college students, families, busy professionals and businesses. We basically pick up where you left off and guarantee your satisfaction. Our laundry services include wash, dry & fold, dry cleaning, ironing, hand washing, etc. When we clean for you, we guarantee your satisfaction with our 21-Point Cleaning Checklist. If you are not satisfied, we will happily return within 24 hours free of charge.
We will work hard to make our customer happy and will not stop until we achieve total customer satisfaction
To be the largest personal services provider to college students across the United States and Canada.

What Customers Use

We have something for everyone. Odds are we offer a service you want.

  • Laundry Services 90%

  • Dry Cleaning 40%

  • Apartment Cleaning 65%

  • Grocery Delivery 5%

  • Move In, Move Out Help 12%

  • Summer Storage 1%

Company Statistics

We are a growing company. Some statistics about where we have been are shown below

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Our Videos

We have a portfolio of introductory and marketing videos that help you understand our processes and why you should choose us

For Students

We work with students to make their time in college as stress free as possible

Dorm Mom strives to be very competitive and we will always provide the lowest price for services we offer in any market we find ourselves in. We believe our services should be affordable to any college student that chooses to use it.

Some ways Dorm Mom strives for affordability includes

  • Price-Enrollment Inverse: As the number of students we have enrolled in a specific college or community increases, the price of the service for each customer will generally decrease. An increase volume in client base triggers a corresponding reduction in the price. This is built into our price calculators and happens automatically.
  • Collective Pricing: Group sign-ups are able to negotiate a better price for the group. For example, a campus sorority could negotiate the pricing of providing laundry services to all 50 of its members at up to 50% less than advertised price..
  • Name Your Price: You can use our name your price tool to ask Dorm Mom for a discount off advertised rates.
  • Low Rates, High Quality: We believe at whatever price you pay, you should get the highest quality of service possible. We source for the lowest rates from the best service providers.

If there is a way Dorm Mom can help you afford our services, please let us know and we will definately consider it.

To view the current advertised rate for your college, please visit our Pricing Center

A Dorm Mom Campus Representative is an energetic speaker, marketer, enthusiast who is willing, capable and passionate about spreading the word about Dorm Mom on his/her campus while making very good money.

Earn 10% of top line revenue resulting from your direct marketing effort. If 200 clients signed up through your direct marking effort with total revenue generated being $60,000 and you got yourself $6000 for that semester. No Limit ...

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we create partnership with educational institutions who would like to bring us to their community

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...We do your chores so you can concentrate on what matters most

For more information, contact us by calling (877) 478-5332 or writing to any of the following addresses:

Dorm Mom, Inc.
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